´Milla has an innate sense and ability to understand and instantly connect with people of different cultures and thinkings.´

We first met by Milla walking straight up to me (it was a surprising circumstance)and said hi. Rarely have I met someone so.. spot on honest! Since that conversation we spent just about everyday together for the next year!

Her tell-it-like-it-is style makes her one of my most fun and loyal friends that even though we have not seen or communicated much for the past few years we will have that very significant understanding and friendship for life. I consider myself undoubtedly lucky to know Milla and I know I am just one of many who feel exactly the same way!

Nina Beste, Singer/Songwriter and Meditation Instructor at www.NinaBeste.com, Berlin


‘I became a whole new person within one month’

I had eczema most of my life and I tried Milla´s way when I had run out of options. The first three weeks nothing happened (in my eyes) and then literally in 3 days my entire body shed away the extreme eczema and my skin was smooth!!! I nearly cried, in disbelief and in joy as I literally felt like a whole new person and back in my own skin.

Ive learned a lot about life and trust from one to another. Milla gave me the truth of treasure.. trust, friends, love and honesty! Thank you!!

Andreas Breschi, Chef at www.Breschis.com, Member of the Swedish National Culinary Team - Stockholm


‘Milla saved my soul from society’

Even if people don´t understand my way, my life, or they think I destroyed my life, I have taken a path that I never would have discovered if it was not thanks to Milla. I did all the titles to be a kitesurf instructor and am now working at the World´s #1 Kitesurfing School!! Thanks for your help!!

I changed a lot, especially in love, life and relationships with others… I am not afraid anymore, I can open my heart now, some people will laugh at me, others will not understand… But at least some will see its pureness. And life is beautiful when that happens. It could never have happened without you!!

Sito Lietor, Kitesurf Instructor at www.GiselaPulidoProCenter.com - Tarifa, Spain

Welcome To My World and Website

I’ve had in my heart a long long time to have a personal website to stay in touch with my friends (from 10 years ago!) and let them know where I am, as I’ve been on the run for quite awhile 🙂 and have not ever fully explained what I’m doing. But I am finally creating it now and this website is where you can always find me, stay in touch, see what I’m doing and where I share.. about life… about entrepreneurship… about Motherhood.. This is where we connect. (Unless we meet in person.)

Many of you know that I have moved and travelled my entire life. It was only last year, after 35 years, that I moved to my home country Sweden. This I did because my son was turning 7 soon and had to begin school somewhere and Stockholm was good for my work. So here we are. The tornado has landed 😉

My life has looked messy or unpredictable to many, but I have followed my ‘red line’ which always had to do with wellness, sustainability and following my heart as much as possible. Thus the fluidity! 🙂 Life and entrepreneurship is not a straight line you know. And I enjoy it that way. Even if it’s not the easiest, it is certainly the most fulfilling as you get to see what you are made of, you get to experience, you get to create, you get to feel alive and in awe and love for all that you experience within your own body and world.

So people have often asked me how I can move around so much, and then with kids, and especially do it all alone as a single parent. The shorter answer to that I believe has to do with that I have had since young this underlying emotion and belief to do what I truly want and that I will always be ok.

I fundamentally do not automatically follow what others are doing, I question, I check in with myself, about what I really think and feel about things. I desire truth, I desire reality. Because I know its wild and creative. I desire freedom, and that ecstatic feeling when you feel so connected, to something, anything or everything and in love with it all, and am willing to be as honest as possible with myself and those around me because that is what creates such jaw-dropping and heartfelt experiences, seeing how you were a part of that creation yet it turns out to be even better than you intended 🙂 And the best part is that its all like surprises out of nowhere. Magic! Which I LOVE.

In fact, when I was choosing what to study in University, really I wanted to go to magic school. Wizard school. But I didn’t think those schools existed and didn’t know of any such person that I could connect with. Long story short I chose the best combination of Fun + Own Business I could think of and thus (after spending time in Chichen Itza the week before) I decided to go with Hotel Management. And its nice to see now afterwards that building a Wellness/Healing Center or mini-village is actually my soul mission and passion. (You always have clues to ‘what is it that I really want and supposed to be doing with my life. Pay attention!

Honestly I have been running away from Sweden my whole life because everything I missed in Sweden, I found internationally. (Thus all the travelling)

So because of my kids, (Ha! BIG topic in itself. And not just about my own kids) I accepted to move back to Sweden on the condition that I continue with my life’s work. And so it is.

So really this first blog post is dedicated to my two children, and the perfectly beautiful relationship between mother and child, but it’s really dedicated to all children, especially the ones yet to be born. The birth of this website is actually the birth of many women’s new awareness about themselves. Because I am speaking to You, Woman. 

What we see, is not what’s really going on.

And this is what I love exploring and sharing about. There’s SOOOO much I want to say that I didn’t know where to begin here with this first blog post. But today is the day exactly between my children’s birthday so something had to come up. 🙂

Next post I will get into what it means to be a Mother. What truly is going on; on a soul, spiritual and physical level. About how and why children choose their parents, about ‘parenting’ in general and how you can be your child’s go-to guide, the adult that they trust and how to speak with them telepathically and how to know that your child is OK even when they are not physically around you. ‘Just being a Mother’ is the ultimate relationship and experience in life. You. create. LIFE. hello.

OR I may speak about another topic. You never know 🙂

(Why would you want to know the future?! 🙂

So I just wanted to open this up, even with a simple first post, and so look forward to having this as my main website now. YES I’ve got it all together 🙂 

Big hug and  good night Kids. 🙂

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