´Milla has an innate sense and ability to understand and instantly connect with people of different cultures and thinkings.´

We first met by Milla walking straight up to me (it was a surprising circumstance)and said hi. Rarely have I met someone so.. spot on honest! Since that conversation we spent just about everyday together for the next year!

Her tell-it-like-it-is style makes her one of my most fun and loyal friends that even though we have not seen or communicated much for the past few years we will have that very significant understanding and friendship for life. I consider myself undoubtedly lucky to know Milla and I know I am just one of many who feel exactly the same way!

Nina Beste, Singer/Songwriter and Meditation Instructor at www.NinaBeste.com, Berlin


‘I became a whole new person within one month’

I had eczema most of my life and I tried Milla´s way when I had run out of options. The first three weeks nothing happened (in my eyes) and then literally in 3 days my entire body shed away the extreme eczema and my skin was smooth!!! I nearly cried, in disbelief and in joy as I literally felt like a whole new person and back in my own skin.

Ive learned a lot about life and trust from one to another. Milla gave me the truth of treasure.. trust, friends, love and honesty! Thank you!!

Andreas Breschi, Chef at www.Breschis.com, Member of the Swedish National Culinary Team - Stockholm


‘Milla saved my soul from society’

Even if people don´t understand my way, my life, or they think I destroyed my life, I have taken a path that I never would have discovered if it was not thanks to Milla. I did all the titles to be a kitesurf instructor and am now working at the World´s #1 Kitesurfing School!! Thanks for your help!!

I changed a lot, especially in love, life and relationships with others… I am not afraid anymore, I can open my heart now, some people will laugh at me, others will not understand… But at least some will see its pureness. And life is beautiful when that happens. It could never have happened without you!!

Sito Lietor, Kitesurf Instructor at www.GiselaPulidoProCenter.com - Tarifa, Spain

Soul Therapy 2017-10-07T21:02:13+00:00

Milla Andersson is a Licensed Soul Therapist supporting women, men and children in Sweden and internationally who desire personal and professional freedom.

Working with Milla will enable you to see where and why you are stuck, the core issue that has and is repeating itself throughout your lifetimes and the clarity of Soul perspective that Milla will provide for you. She will empower you with a safe, nurturing and compassionate presence, listening to your body’s wisdom to reveal the truth of your situation.

Working with Milla will allow you to embody your spiritual gifts and open you up to experiencing first hand how powerful you are while clearing mental patterns that sabotage your success, the emotional triggers that keep you playing small and the physical unhealthy boundaries that keep you attracting the same relationships repeatedly.

Gaining insight while working with Milla will give you peace of mind, deep connection to your power, enable you to embody and ground into your physical body and to love yourself in a whole new way.

This is not life coaching, this is Soul Therapy; an evolutionary conscious expansion on how to be living fully human in your body, mind, spirit and emotions — guided by your soul wisdom.


Learn More at SoulTherapy.se