´Milla has an innate sense and ability to understand and instantly connect with people of different cultures and thinkings.´

We first met by Milla walking straight up to me (it was a surprising circumstance)and said hi. Rarely have I met someone so.. spot on honest! Since that conversation we spent just about everyday together for the next year!

Her tell-it-like-it-is style makes her one of my most fun and loyal friends that even though we have not seen or communicated much for the past few years we will have that very significant understanding and friendship for life. I consider myself undoubtedly lucky to know Milla and I know I am just one of many who feel exactly the same way!

Nina Beste, Singer/Songwriter and Meditation Instructor at www.NinaBeste.com, Berlin


‘I became a whole new person within one month’

I had eczema most of my life and I tried Milla´s way when I had run out of options. The first three weeks nothing happened (in my eyes) and then literally in 3 days my entire body shed away the extreme eczema and my skin was smooth!!! I nearly cried, in disbelief and in joy as I literally felt like a whole new person and back in my own skin.

Ive learned a lot about life and trust from one to another. Milla gave me the truth of treasure.. trust, friends, love and honesty! Thank you!!

Andreas Breschi, Chef at www.Breschis.com, Member of the Swedish National Culinary Team - Stockholm


‘Milla saved my soul from society’

Even if people don´t understand my way, my life, or they think I destroyed my life, I have taken a path that I never would have discovered if it was not thanks to Milla. I did all the titles to be a kitesurf instructor and am now working at the World´s #1 Kitesurfing School!! Thanks for your help!!

I changed a lot, especially in love, life and relationships with others… I am not afraid anymore, I can open my heart now, some people will laugh at me, others will not understand… But at least some will see its pureness. And life is beautiful when that happens. It could never have happened without you!!

Sito Lietor, Kitesurf Instructor at www.GiselaPulidoProCenter.com - Tarifa, Spain

The Self Generation 2013-11-06T14:17:31+00:00

Self Generation, Self Sufficiency, Self Identity, Self Independence (not to be confused with working with others, but able to find the resources you need), Self Happiness,

All this is not saying that you should be doing everything yourself, you cant, you cant be growing your own food, building your own house, making your own clothes, being every manager of a business, raising kids, and saving the world 🙂 This is YOUR world, 🙂 your world, it starts with how you see it. your perception. (Could go into perception and the science and play ted talk)

We need energy, time and finances.

You can be in the system or aware and in the system. so when something comes up, you are aware what it means and you can choose to say no! Knowing whats right and wrong, whats for your highest good, what to accept and how to get other people to magically back off, or magically come to you. so how to create personal boundaries.

So if you feel like youve tried everything, your exhuasted, or you dont know what more you can do, thats going to make you happy, whats your souls purpose is AND how to even make your life seem like you are creating it exactly the way you want it, if you want to get to the very core of you, and thats no joke,

money is not the problem. it may seem like it but its not the core problem, its an effect, (i would show you a tehnique to get into a moment when you felt like totally you) When you are in your zone. When you are feeling like absolutely you and on top of the world, when everything is just flowing and its all happening at the perfect time, when you are im not going to say vibrating at your level, because it IS all about vibration, but Im not going to say that, im not going to speak in those terms, i bring this to you in a practical way, its neither art nor science, its both. its being. real. Doing amazing things here on earth. It comes down to your creativity. Thats being a spiritual person, meaning a spiritutal person who makes money to sustain themselves. Who can apply value. Because the focus is not about leaving this world, and I understand why you dont want to be part of the disfunctional world. But being outside is more painful than facing reality straight in the eyes and coming from a place of heart, where you CAN live your imagination here on earth and make money.

Who Are You And What You Want and how can you be your true self in this world.

If you know there is something more to life than just mechanically going to work and home, you know you have something great inside of you who is just waiting for you to pay attention and let it out, because that is your true love, its your self. its putting yourself first, so that you CAN help others. mothers understand this that you need energy and love from a husband to take care of the kids better.

If you want clarity, and a confident direction, a mission, something to work on for the rest of your life because you are not going to want to stop! you can forget about retiring because you’re doing that now. If you want to create an income you can count on for the rest of your life, you gotta know your foundation, you want your ideal realtionship you gotta know what that is, really,and not want you are supposed to do, you want to know the real you and understand energy and all the crazy things, you gotta get to the foundation.

This is the foundation. upon what everything in your life will build upon. Every aspect of my business is built upon my real self, every person i come into contact with, every object in my house, especially my room, the clothes, its like having the love for absolutely every single thing, because building a life you love involves more than making money right, thats one part, you also want amazing friends, nice clothes, all these things. the difference is that you are not attached. You can have it all, but you live, breath without the luxury. you are able to be anywhere and connect with anybody. because you are not these things, or job titles, you are not just physical, and thats what we are talking about, the very essence and what may seem intangible, becomes tangible. The loving boyfriend is tanglible, the amazing stuff is tangible, its the love and connection, the appreciation, of knowing you created these things yourself. either through love and/or through making your own money by being your amazing self, when you are in your zone.

(read align with divine sales letter)

Self generation is the core of everything you do. The power of focus, having direction. its doesnt mean you have to pick one thing, you can focus on several things at the same, its finding the red line, the theme that stays with you for life.

2 minute intro to opt in – explain why these 4 module outlines are important – invite to buy a cheap course to really establish this. because if you are not happy, you are being distracted, and in a major way so you need to focus on one thing at a time, and you need to get this one little very important information and realization, there is NOTHING more important than to understand and live this core. becaue its getting to the truth. truth of you, and whats going on around you in your world

Bring in your zone: you feel it when you resonate with some music, very deeply it moves you, tahts what it is, resonance, you resonate, you vibrate at the same frequency, youre at the same level, and this is not woo woo stuff, this is real, more real than going to a job you hate and doing the daily grind. this magic, intelligence, imagination and knowing who you really are, is the most real and tangible thing you will experience. Its beautiful.


– Your souls purpose

– Core Values

– Boundaries

– Meditation, the core of self generation. (include breath, feeling body and gratitude) later add in asking questions to your council.

– Make your own calendar, literally!