´Milla has an innate sense and ability to understand and instantly connect with people of different cultures and thinkings.´

We first met by Milla walking straight up to me (it was a surprising circumstance)and said hi. Rarely have I met someone so.. spot on honest! Since that conversation we spent just about everyday together for the next year!

Her tell-it-like-it-is style makes her one of my most fun and loyal friends that even though we have not seen or communicated much for the past few years we will have that very significant understanding and friendship for life. I consider myself undoubtedly lucky to know Milla and I know I am just one of many who feel exactly the same way!

Nina Beste, Singer/Songwriter and Meditation Instructor at www.NinaBeste.com, Berlin


‘I became a whole new person within one month’

I had eczema most of my life and I tried Milla´s way when I had run out of options. The first three weeks nothing happened (in my eyes) and then literally in 3 days my entire body shed away the extreme eczema and my skin was smooth!!! I nearly cried, in disbelief and in joy as I literally felt like a whole new person and back in my own skin.

Ive learned a lot about life and trust from one to another. Milla gave me the truth of treasure.. trust, friends, love and honesty! Thank you!!

Andreas Breschi, Chef at www.Breschis.com, Member of the Swedish National Culinary Team - Stockholm


‘Milla saved my soul from society’

Even if people don´t understand my way, my life, or they think I destroyed my life, I have taken a path that I never would have discovered if it was not thanks to Milla. I did all the titles to be a kitesurf instructor and am now working at the World´s #1 Kitesurfing School!! Thanks for your help!!

I changed a lot, especially in love, life and relationships with others… I am not afraid anymore, I can open my heart now, some people will laugh at me, others will not understand… But at least some will see its pureness. And life is beautiful when that happens. It could never have happened without you!!

Sito Lietor, Kitesurf Instructor at www.GiselaPulidoProCenter.com - Tarifa, Spain

Nina and Pauline 2014-11-16T09:58:07+00:00

Hi Nina and Pauline,

Im writing to you two at the same time because… because I feel like it 🙂

I wanted to ask you about a way we could support each other and share resources, because we are so similar in the way that we actively work on our dreams.

I was redoing my website a few days ago and realised I am getting into a whole big process as I was structuring it all. I realised this is a very useful thing! So thought you guys might want to tag along with your own project or goals.

So without going too deep because this letter was way too long the first time I wrote it 🙂 I just want to share my idea and see if you want to be a part of it. We all have a dream right. My dream is to build a mini wellness resort/lounge/spa/school. Basically an amazing adventurous pool intertwined in nature with amazing DJs and speakers. A fun place to be and learn so thats what my website will be focused on, just for me, to gather the pictures of the place I want to build, gather all the components and partners. Etc. 

So you pretty much know what I do so (read About) I wanted to ask if you guys want TOTAL support from me for the next few months to work on your projects or dreams? Yeah, like straight up commitment to your own goal(s). I will support, share, teach all that I know about Having Your Own  Online Business That’s Totally You. And that means not just an online business but building you and your brand. And that takes inner work so its ALL that. If you dont want an online business we could work on just you and your creativity.

I love that you both already feel strongly about what you want, and Im sure there are of course things you want to develop. And I believe Creativity, your core essence is a huge component to success and satisfaction.

My intention was to share info, skills and support. I would love to create an online space where we could share things we know with each other, but I would specifically work with each of you on your project, desires and inner self. So the question is firstly if you are interested in my support? I would work with you personally. Because thats what I do 🙂

Is this of any interest to you??

If so lets get the details clear together with a little back and forth discussion of what works for you guys and make it happen if you so wish!

To give you an idea of what it comprises:

– You both know of the Money Map course by Alexis Neely so I will include absolutely all essentials from that program. I mean that alone is enough to get you on a fantastic track! I dont have the outline of the course as it is closed for the public but it is an amazing course. Covers Getting Clear, Choosing Income Model and Legal Issues and so much more. Its good for making money on what you already know and also setting you up for how you want to be and make money in the future.

– Nu Icon program by Laura Hollick. Details on www.nuiconprogram.com This is based on Creativity but essentially Branding/ Marketing/ Business as well. You would get everything from that program as well. It helps to counterbalance the ‘I just want to make money’ aspect and really let yourself be yourself. Which of course will absolutely help with making money with soul.

– Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker! Another amazing course! You get all that! Preview his stuff here: www.productlaunchformula.com/allaccess

– 2 Soul Therapy Coaching Calls (1 or 2 hours each) per month with me. (1 Pure Healing session and 1 Productivity session on the topic of your choice. You could even use one session to practice YOUR healing skills on me if you wish. Or if you just wish to chat about crazy shit like interdimensional beings, sacred geometry or your boyfriend! haha thats fine too! 🙂 

– Unlimited email support with me

– Done-for-you Website with essential marketing components (or if you want me to teach you I can do that too. Great to be able to handle your own website.)

– Maybe I could even give you guys my log in details to Money Map, Nu Icon and Product Launch Formula?! Its SNEAKY but worth a thought 🙂 Otherwise I will just deliver them to you as originally intended through my own program. I call it Total Life Transformation. Where I personally make sure your life is completely transformed within 12 months 🙂 So its not exactly the same as these programs but I do extract the most important stuff plus add my own things but if it makes you feel better I will gladly let you use my log in if that’s possible. I feel no shame about that! 🙂 To me it feels like if we are working together we are sharing things. I think you would like them!! Plus time to continuously talk ‘in person’ through Skype or Google Hangouts I think thats very important to be connected and stay on track. Perhaps once a month is enough? You tell me. We could have twice a month whenever needed/wanted as we go along.

I would just love to work together with you! We can keep each other accountable and ideas and inspiration and fun is all part of it. I see it as a beautiful beginning that perhaps develops into another partnership later on, who knows! But we cant really get closer to each other and know each others dreams if we dont continuously work on something together. So bringing a framework so that we can all advance with our desires while connecting personally is a great start I think. Or? 🙂

Money-wise I am not going to divide this proportionally. You guys can pay less. I thought 250 dollars per month. Thats one-third of ONE of these programs. Consider my love free. 🙂 (Or you can pay for my time and get the programs free 🙂 This is specifically for you two because you seriously are the people I want to work around. If you want to focus on just one specific program above by all means go ahead.

I would recommend committing for 6 to 12 months. 12 months I would lower it to 200 dollars a month. Im just trying to adjust to your situation if needed.

If you want to split the cost with a friend thats fine too. Would be perfect as it benefits you and your own people. They would get the same online program(s) that you get! But perhaps only 1 hour each month with me. Maybe none. You take care of them 🙂 I have only invited you two because it was just intended to share with my best girl friends. And yes Pauline, I consider you highly because of the sessions we had and how clearly you stick to your dreams. Ra-spect! And Nina, is my actual best friend 🙂

So anyway, if it is of interest, let me know your thoughts. Im set to begin on Dec. 21. Thats my only set-in-stone absolute request. Earths New Year! Well, so Imagine how much better you’ll be after all this 😉 I mean really. 

I would appreciate your response and insights within a few days.

I genuinely wish the best for all of us. Would love to have this space where we can connect and work on our stuff together.