Milla was born in Stockholm, Sweden and has spent 94% of her life traveling the world. She graduated from the Swiss Hotel Management School Les Roches with Honors and has worked in 5 star hotels and resorts in Asia and Europe; from Bartender to Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, from Front Office Supervisor to Business Development Agent and finally to Accounting.

Being responsible for all cash in a hotel chain meant sitting locked in a room with a gigantic safe. The only people allowed to enter her dream office were men of security and naturally, the big boss. Seeing the irony of this situation she began her entrepreneurial life as an Energy and Nutrition coach which eventually allowed her the opportunity to increase wellness on a global scale in co-operation with Nowait Transit to create ´Fit Line;´ a subway line dedicated to her wellness concept. Immersed with politicians, celebrities, doctors and investors, she inevitably became the Information and Public Relations Manager of Nowait Transit with the mission to solve city transportation in mega cities in a sustainable and profitable way.

In 2009 Milla went on maternity leave and studied with top internet marketers to master online business. In 2012 she came back as a consultant to become the Online Business Manager for Nowait Transit with the mission to launch the World’s First Zero Emission Mass Transportation System for Passengers and Freight. At the same time she developed E-Motion for bringing out the inner warrior and was also a Magix Developer and Activator specializing in relationships.   

After many requests from women and men who were not able to work with Milla personally she finally agreed to reveal the secret behind her success through Align with the Divine – the science and art of transformation. Her healing abilities plus constant travel around the world left many wondering ‘How do you do everything that you do?’ The response always carried this core essence: With me you have two choices: Go after your Dream or Abandon yourself.