I am featuring YOU.

Soul Performance 2015

TargetThank You for being a part of the Activation Series! I hope it was of value to you. We are at the final part in which I ask for your honest reflection and feedback by filling out the form below (10 minutes) as soon as you have finished the 3 Activations.

I am creating a new website and brand, combining my identities as a Soul Therapist and Activator (and part Online Business Strategist) to create Soul Performance™ and I need your help in delivering a profound and impactful statement about the Activations you have received with me. This is your story, your time and your image that my team and I will be using for marketing online. If you wish to remain anonymous you may leave out promotional details such as last name/picture/company or website. We will show and ask your final approval of the material prior to publishing.

Below are questions that will be used for marketing and to feature your triumphs, transformations and self realizations. Please be clear and reflective all at the same time, speaking from your heart and sharing the truth of what has changed/transformed and how you have received the work to alter your mindset, your emotional maturity, your spiritual connection, your physical embodiment and to live courageously in your Souls desires.

Thank you!


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Why did you want 3 personal Activations from Milla? (What was going on in your life/ Who were you being/ What did you think it would give or bring to you)

When did you notice the first changes? Briefly describe what happened

Where in your life have you seen the greatest shift to your awareness and life as a result of the Activations

Looking back at your Intentions and Expectations, what do you notice or feel after going through the 3 Activations.

Working with Milla Andersson directly, how would you describe her teaching/mentoring style and it's effects on you? What stands out the most?

If somebody was asking you, "How will Activations benefit or help me or my lover or children?" what is your response to them?

Add in anything else that you would like to share here.

Please provide the best photo you have of yourself that you would like to be used to represent yourself on Milla´s website and any online promotion and marketing that will be used by Milla and Soul Performance (*You may remain anonymous)